Hey guys. Jacqulyn Noble here with Coldwell Banker in Gun Barrel City. I did a little bit of research on the Cedar Creek lake area on some waterfront homes that I wanted to share with you some of the stats and information that you might like.J

What I did was I pulled the zip code of 75156, which is the Gun Barrel City area. I did waterfront homes but I did not do mobile homes or lots or things like that. And what I did was I did price ranges from zero to 150 thousand. There’s actually two waterfront properties that are listed right now and the average days on market is 117 days for those properties.

If you’re looking between 151 and 250, there are five listed right now that are on the waterfront and they have been on the market for 144 days. 251 thousand to 500 thousand, there’s a lot more. There’s 25 that are listed right now. The average days on market on those are about 85 days. And if you get towards 500 to a million, there’s actually 18 houses right now that are listed in the water and they have been on the market for 76 days as of today. And I think today is like the 18th of March.

I did a little bit of experimenting and seeing that anything over a million dollars, we actually have eight properties here that are on the lake in the 75156 zip code. There’s eight of them and they’ve been on the market for approximately 173 days. So take into effect that they may have been listed during the winter. We’re coming to a great season. March is a great month to list your property or if you’re starting to … Thinking about buying, this is a great time to start to look.

Anyway, just wanted to come with you for a little bit of the March statistics here in 75156 zip code. I’m located right here in the heart of Gun Barrel City across the street from O’Reilly’s Auto Parts. Soon as you walk in the door you’re gonna look at me. I’m on the right hand side. You can ask for me. I’m Jacqulyn. And it would be an absolute pleasure to help you guys find your next lake house. Thanks! Have a good day!

75156 March Cedar Creek Lake Water Front Homes Stats!

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